River City Orthotics is a pedorthic clinic and a manufacturer of custom foot orthotics located in Edmonton, Alberta.  We help individuals suffering from foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, and lower back pain to heal faster and get moving sooner.  At River City Orthotics we use a well-rounded approach that addresses the root cause of your pain.


To inspire healthier communities by providing foot orthotics that make it easier to get up and get active. Our vision is always to help with the healing process and prevent re-injury.


Our mission is to provide Canadians with the highest level of comfort and personalization in foot orthotics available on the market.  Our multidisciplinary team and Canadian Certified Pedorthist C. Ped (C) are dedicated to improving your foot, ankle, and body alignment, enabling you to move more freely and more comfortably.


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Our Team

We are a team of highly skilled professionals.

Our multidisciplinary team is committed to providing you with helpful, effective, and customized service. Creating a custom foot orthotic involves a wide array of skills from assessing your gait and alignment to designing and manufacturing a custom foot orthotic.  At River City Orthotics, your comfort is our top priority and it is our mission to help relieve your pain while improving your body’s alignment.

    Ryan Callaway

    Canadian Certified Pedorthist C. Ped (C)

    Our Process

     Thorough Assessment

    To create your best fit of orthotics, River City Orthotics will perform a thorough assessment.

    When you come in for your appointment, remember to bring your prescription from the doctor who referred you.  It is recommended that you arrive in loosely fitted clothing or shorts so that your pedorthist can examine your lower limbs and feet. You should also bring the pair of shoes you plan to wear your orthotics with (such as your work shoes or walking shoes) in addition to bringing your most well-worn pair of shoes. Your well-worn shoes will provide an indication of where you put the most pressure on your feet. If you are seeking orthotics for optimal athletic performance, then you should bring your running shoes to your appointment, in addition to your most well-worn shoes.

    During the assessment, your pedorthist will assess why you may be experiencing pain.  Your medical history will be reviewed by your pedorthist for anything that could be related to your current condition.   Following your assessment, your pedorthist will explain the root cause of your pain as it relates to your feet and ankles.  The assessment will include gait analysis, alignment testing, range of motion testing, and strength testing.

    Treatment Plan

    Following your assessment, your pedorthist will determine whether foot orthotics or another approach is right for you.  If you do require foot orthotics, your pedorthist will create a unique pair of foot orthotics – just for you!

    Your individualized treatment plan may also include education on some at-home strengthening or stretching exercises that can help with your condition. Based on your lifestyle and activity levels, your pedorthist may further recommend the type of footwear that is best for you.  If your pedorthist notices any inflammation during your appointment, ice therapy may be recommended as part of your treatment plan.

    If your pedorthist feels you would benefit from the help of other healthcare professionals, you will be provided with a referral, as needed.

    Gait analysis involves examining how you walk. During the gait analysis, River City orthotics will observe your gait both when you are wearing shoes and barefoot to understand your unique gait pattern. Your pedorthist will analyze your joint position and alignment at every phase of your gait. To analyze your gait, you will be walking on a treadmill at a slow to moderate pace. Athletes and individuals with fitness-related discomfort may be asked to run on the treadmill so that orthotics can be created for maximum performance while engaging in physical activities.

    Alignment testing involves examining your balance and symmetry while standing and moving at a moderate walking pace. During your alignment test, your pedorthist will examine your feet to determine if you have low arches, high arches, or normal arches. Your pedorthist will also check for any bony prominences, edema, or discoloration of your lower limbs or feet. Alignment testing will also involve checking your knee and lower back alignment. Your foot orthotics will be personalized based on your foot alignment and body mechanics – leading to reduced stress and strain on your body.

    For your range of motion test, you will be asked to perform movements involving your hip, knee, ankle, and foot. During the test, you will be asked to perform weight bearing and non-weight bearing exercises. The purpose of the range of motion test is for your pedorthist to assess whether your joints are able to move in their full range. Your range of motion test will further help your pedorthist identify if your discomfort is being caused by your joints. It will also determine what kind of foot orthotic is right for you.

    Your examination may include muscle strength testing to gauge your calf, foot, and ankle strength. Muscle strength testing includes weight and non-weight bearing exercises that are easy to perform. Your muscle strength will also determine the type of orthotics you need. Following strength testing, your pedorthist may provide you with some strengthening exercises or stretching exercises that you can perform at home. These exercises can help to alleviate your symptoms for an improved level of comfort.

    Personalized Plans

    Your customized plan will include not only the most comfortable foot orthotics, but also education on the lifestyle habits that can help prevent re-injury.  Your pedorthist may suggest rehabilitation exercises to further ease any foot, ankle, or leg pain you might be experiencing.  If you are an athlete, your pedorthist may suggest tips for how you might improve your form to prevent sports or fitness related injuries. Based on your assessment, your foot orthotics will be custom-made to help ease the pain, improve alignment, and reduce stress or strain as you move.

    Foot Orthotics

    Your pedorthist will custom-make your foot orthotics based on your daily activities, condition, injury location, gait, posture, and footwear. All orthotics crafted by River City Orthotics are made from high-end materials made for maximum comfort, durability and efficacy.  Depending on your reason for needing orthotics, your custom-made pair will fit into one of three categories: rigid, semi-rigid, or accommodative.


    Additional Support

    If the underlying cause of your foot or ankle pain requires physiotherapy, your pedorthist will provide you with a referral to Glenora Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic for further treatment.  The Glenora Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic can help design a care program that ensures optimal recovery.  As partners with Glenora Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic, we believe that a well-rounded approach can help our customers heal faster and move more freely.

    Benefits of Treatment at River City Orthotics