River City Orthotics is a pedorthic clinic and a manufacturer of custom foot orthotics located in Edmonton, Alberta just off of Groat Road.  Our services include providing our clients with custom foot orthotics, professional footwear fitting, education on how to prevent re-injury, and footwear modifications.  We use a personalized and thorough approach to craft your orthotics with your lifestyle, condition, and body mechanics in mind.  If you are experiencing lower limb pain, call our office to see how River City Orthotics can help.  Our multidisciplinary team and Canada Certified Pedorthist can help you get back on your feet – with added comfort and stability.

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11115 Groat Road NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5M 4E3


For General Inquiries:
Ryan Callaway,
Pedorthist C. Ped (C)